The right application of fiscal rules and tax system it is very important to ensure fluidity in commercial exchanges.

The strong experience in roads’s transport, sea transport, air and railway’s sector complete the range of all our services.

We are able to organize groupage, transshipment, unloading, stuffing, storage and conservation of fresh and dry products even under custom clearance.

We offer you the opportunity to sell or rent any kind of container even refrigerated.

We are proud of a large experience in transportation of machinery, out of gauge pieces, vehicles, motorcycles and boats with the possibility to lash in locum.

Here below you can find our main services:

  • Issue custom formalities for every regulation permitted
  • Assistance and custom’s counseling
  • Placing under customs warehouse and fiscal storage for the purpouse of VAT
  • Presentation and processing Intrastat issues and Black List
  • Tax compliance intracommunity
  • Any kind of sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary certificates
  • Fumigations and radiometric control
  • checking and safety, quality for goods under “ ministry of cultural heritage”
  • Load and unload of any type of goods
  • Transport by trucks, railwagons and ships of any kind of commodities
  • Air shipment
  • Spedizioni aeree
  • Deposit and storage for long/short periods
  • Counseling of tax law and tax relating to international trade
  • Law assistance